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I've recently become enamoured with Faith No More's catalogue after only being familiar with the famous "Epic" from when I was a kid. I want other heavy-yet-tuneful music recommendations.

I find it almost impossible to find heavy bands I like. I love Faith No More's combo of head-banging grooves and tight verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus songwriting. Mike Patton's wonderful singing/screaming voice is also a plus, as is the clear sense that they rarely take themselves too seriously. Are there any bands you can think of that are similar?

The other heavy-ish stuff I like is: early Hole, Babes in Toyland, L7, At the Drive-In, some White (Rob) Zombie, some Refused, Gang of 4, Sex Pistols, Wire, Fall, Birthday Party, Joy Div...

Some caveats:
-I already know the entire FNM catalogue (pre-Patton too), as well as Patton's side projects.
-No bands that take themselves too seriously or are too sludgy, e.g. Audioslave/Soundgarden, Tool, Rage, Mars Volta, Metallica, Kyuss, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, AFI etc
-Don't let the riot grrls above distract you--I'm not looking for relatively poppy fare like Bikini Kill
-Other bands I've pre-ruled out as they're not head bangy enough: Queens of the Stone Age, Clash
-I'm not familiar with Slayer/Pantera/etc. I'm assuming they're not tuneful enough from initial listens.
-I haven't ventured very far with American hardcore (e.g. Minor Threat et al.) as they don't seem catchy from initial listens. If there are albums that get more tuneful with each listen, please recommend.

Bottom line: tight songwriting and headbang-worthy
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Best answer: Give this a listen. If you like it, then you like Fugazi. Congratulations!

If I think of more, I'll add.
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Perhaps System of a Down?
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Some of Mastodon's stuff fits your requirements: Once More 'Round the Sun for sure, Crack the Skye (maybe), Blood Mountain (probably not).

Basically, over time they've gotten way more... tuneful, as you say. So start with their latest album and work backwards.
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Just thought of the San Francisco connection. Perhaps you'll like Jawbreaker, who was also a big part of the SF scene.
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Start here with Mastodon:

The Motherload
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How about Type O Negative?
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Lots of classic metal is catchy, heavy (or at least, in the ballpark of heavy you're looking for) and not overly po-faced - Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, stuff like that. Since you mentioned some 90s stuff I'll also throw in Monster Magnet and Type O Negative, those are heavier bands who definitely have senses of humor.
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Jane's Addiction?

Mission of Burma ?
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Veruca Salt and Magnapop have awesome hooks
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Best answer: Alice Donut

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Well, shit, I keep thinking of bands, and they're already in your list.

The Sword (mostly, they're kind of a sped-up Sabbath)
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The Jesus Lizard, Pile, Black Tusk, Drive like Jehu, Every Time I Die, Ghost, Torche/Floor, Graveyard, Harvey Milk, Kylesa, Kvelertak, Pissed Jeans, Shellac, The Austerity Program, Sleep, & These Arms are Snakes
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Best answer: Yeesh there are some bad suggestions here guys.

Anyway, try Living Color, especially their crunchiest album Stain. And while you're at it, peep some more sweet 90s funk-metal (not rap metal, DEFINITELY NOT RAP METAL) like 24-7 Spyz, Infectious Grooves, Buckethead and Powerman 5000.
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No offense, but as much as I love Jesus Lizard and Helium those aren't even close to what's being asked for.
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Also, mid-period Rollins Band, Mind Funk, and Mordred.
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Bottom line: tight songwriting and headbang-worthy

makes me think of nothing but this track by Kvelertak - Fossegrim
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Hot Snakes
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Pantera can be surprisingly funky and tight, in addition to headbang-worthy. Maybe give Vulgar Display of Power a try?

You may be familiar with them as Patton collaborators, but if not, check out Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.
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Archers of Loaf : What Did You Expect? (early stuff from The Speed of Cattle compilation), White Trash Heroes (more polished produced stuff later)

Corrosion of Conformity Albatross, Drowning in a Daydream (their sound evolves through their albums, but all good and rockin')

Screaming Trees Sweet Oblivion
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Maybe Uncle Acid and the deadbeats
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Boris! First rate Japanese insanity. Especially Pink and Noise.
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Mercyful Fate. dat falsetto tho.
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Pallbearer and Boris are the definition of sludge.
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The Incubus album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is very, very similar to FNM and/or Mr. Bungle... really, even if you hate all their subsequent stuff, check it out.
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Future of the Left and precursor Mclusky.
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Gotta love Gang of Four Pistols early Cheap Trick Joy Division and most what you list.
Spine tingling, ear shattering fun.
I'd add
Red Hot CPs (Flea inspired by GOF)
Suicidal Tendencies
Jaynes Addic
Living Colour
Bloc Party
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You are describing The Wildhearts! From Everlone (1993) to The Jackson Whites (2009). Tight fun.
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Best answer: Fight the Youth - Fishbone (#notallfishbone)
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I give you the incomprehensible Ponytail.

Or what about instrumental stuff like The Psychic Paramount, Lightning Bolt, or Hella?
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Literally just more Faith No More, but if you've seen the Korean movie Oldboy (or if you're curious and have already decided you'll never get round to seeing the movie itself), this is a pretty rocking Oldboy video to The Gentle Art of Making Enemies.
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I'll second the recommendations of Incubus (maybe not heavy enough) and Fugazi (maybe not melodic enough) and add Korn (start with Follow the Leader or Issues), although you may find they take themselves too seriously.
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King's X should be right in the "heavy but tuneful" zone you're looking for, especially if you think In Living Color is going to work for you. I've linked to what is probably one of their best known albums, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, but they have had a long career so there's lots to explore there. They're a trip, very powerful lead singer, excellent guitarist, fabulous drummer, very much in the groove and heavy but not weighty, and always always always melodic. Early albums were slightly Christian-inflected (as in, it's there if you know to look for it but they never got overt) and later they left the Christian music scene when the lead singer came out.
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Maybe Ghost? They're ostensibly a satanic metal band, but it's very tongue in cheek, and the singing is melodic and tuneful rather than cookie monster esque. They also go for a neat line in poppy verse-chorus-verse.
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Also, this Ghost cover of Abba's I'm a Marionette is more FNM-y than they regularly are.
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And a BIG +1 for King's X.
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Two (maybe) left field suggestions:
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Perhaps some Clutch?
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