Christmas carols by brass quintet?
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Recommend unaccompanied brass quintet recordings of Christmas carols on CD.

I love hearing well-arranged Christmas carols played by brass quintets; but it's hard to find a good recording on CD, and it's damn near impossible to sort out legitimate brass quintets from those featuring vocals or rhythm sections. I thought AskMe might yield a few suggestions.

No lyrics. No bass, and no drums. Christmas carols, not original fare. However: Trombone quartet instead of brass quintet? Even saxophone quartet? That's cool. Basically, I'm looking for interesting, small-group horn arrangements in traditional style (not jazz). Got any recommendations?
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The Canadian Brass is the first group that comes to mind. The Christmas Album is probably the closest to what you're looking for, although "A Canadian Brass Christmas" (hard-to-find) and "Noel" are also good.

I'd suggest looking in the Classical section to find groups who do the kind of music you're looking for, and then see if they've done a Christmas album.
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The Canadian Brass does have some lovely holiday albums - their newest one is "Sweet Songs of Christmas" and it's wonderful (and on the iTunes store). I just typed "Brass Christmas" into the store search and came up with tons of hits, including a Gramercy Brass album ("Christmas Time Is Here") that sounds promising.

Also check out the Pacific Horns, "Christmas Favourites With Four Horns." Four French horns, yum!
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TAP Music carries a HUGE variety of great brass recordings. I saw a few Christmas CDs there: Pittsburgh Symphony Brass, one listed under Various (Philip Jones Brass/Canadian Brass), etc. ArchivMusic has several choices which may be of interest. Last but not least, Crystal Records carries a lot of specialized brass (and general instrumental) recordings too.
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