How can I find legal advice on the other side of the continent?
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I am getting divorced and I need a family law lawyer. I live in Vancouver, but it seems that I need to find a Toronto-area lawyer and I'm not sure how best to find one. Friend-of-a-friend recommendations and websites aren't making me feel less nervous. What should I do?

We've been separated for well over a year. A protracted attempt to resolve the divorce without legal advice has broken down. No children, relatively small amounts of money at stake. Our situation seems to me to be simple, but I'm aware that my spouse has lawyers in the family.

Note: if you yourself are a family law lawyer in the GTA, please memail me.
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The best lawyer recommendations often come from lawyers who practice in another area, geographically or legally. Have you got any local leads you could ask for a referral?
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Paralegals are cheaper than lawyers (PM me if you want a personal recommendation) and can do the filing etc for you. They can't do the more complicated stuff with custody (which isn't applicable here) but would probably be the best/cheapest place to start and only move on to a lawyer if it seems necessary.
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Ask your own area's lawyers. They run into this question and they can recommend someone across the country. If not, they know someone who can.
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