Origami for the bows and ribbons set
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Are there any good websites showing Christmas wrapping techniques in a clear manner?

A friend has rounded me up to help with a Christmas gift wrapping service done for charity. Thing is, I don't really do Christmas much, and when I do have to wrap a present, I wrap like a man. A few dodges for making tidy corners and a few techniques for making bows would help a lot.
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Here's a couple sites that detail some gift wrapping techniques.
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eHow has this. DIYNetwork has this.
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Another ehow link on gift-wrapping, this one with illustrations.

Tips on wrapping oddly-shaped items.
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Holy smokes, mumeishi, we posted exactly the same two links within moments of each other. Great minds and all that (yours slightly greater and faster).
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Response by poster: Your second link cracked me up, purephase. Thanks.
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When in doubt, ask Martha how to wrap The Perfect Package.
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"I wrap like a man." Heh! I've always wondered why all the men I know -- even the most handy and/or artistic among them -- can't wrap presents. Why is that, I wonder?
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brain_drain, that's freaky. Well, actually we both probably snagged them from Google, yes? The "wrap like a man" link was a cut above, though. Ha!

Actually, the Japanese are top-shelf package wrappers. It's like a gift wrapped with a gift. You unfold this origami-like thing and are all puzzled how it works, then you've got the gift inside. Only downside is you don't know which to be the most interested in.
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