The perfect desk chair
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I'm looking for a chair for my bedroom desk. Requirements: white, comfortable and supportive for a person with short legs, not too office-y looking, minimal assembly required, under $650 but cheaper is better. Any tried-and-true recommendations?

I'm really hoping to sort through the vast amount of chairs available for purchase online by hearing from some MeFites who have found the perfect desk chair and can attest to its greatness. I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone who is petite and found either a desk chair or desk chair/pillow setup that is comfortable and provides back support. I have found some sites that sell petite office chairs but they are all very office-y looking and seem out of place in a bedroom.

Background info: my other furniture in the room is white wood, so I'd prefer wood. It doesn't need to be a swivel chair; a chair that's not intended specifically for a desk is fine as long as it's at desk height. I have this IKEA Micke desk , but I don't want to buy a chair from IKEA. I don't really like chairs that require assembly because I've often found they are not sturdy.
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I'd suggest going to an office store and trying some. It is really hard to get a feel for a chair online.
I bought an Aeron, even though the Internet says there are better chairs. I had an Aeron at a previous job and it worked for me.
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It doesn't fit your requirement for wood, but I love my Herman Miller Sayl chair. Doesn't look officey, comes in white, has ample back support.
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Do you want white wood, or stained wood? What is the style of the rest of your furniture? Why don't you want to buy it from IKEA?
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The Steelcase Leap is the best office chair that's ever been made. I've been using them exclusively for the last 10 years. Go to a showroom and try one out. You will want it. They're expensive new, but you can buy them used/refurbished for a few hundred bucks. They're built like tanks, so you can buy a used one and be reasonably sure that it'll last you.
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Best answer: I bought the Ivory Sherpa wingback chair from PBteen. (Alt photo link in case that one breaks.) It's super comfy, looks nice in the space, was very easy to assemble, well within my price range at $300, and I love it! A brand aimed at teenagers was a perfect choice for me with my short legs. If I could do this AskMe post over, I would have really emphasized "not office-y looking"; even the Sayl was way too far on the office-y end of the spectrum for me, as you can probably tell from my final choice.
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