The Best Historical, Educational, or Informational YouTube Channels?
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I'm looking for YouTube channels that are dedicated to providing education about or insight into interesting subjects. They can have humor in them, but I'd prefer for them to be primarily informative rather than humorous.

As YouTube content providers become more and more sophisticated, I've seen a huge influx of well-produced, interesting videos come out of individuals or teams of content creators. Some of these are more straightforward education, some are more entertaining. They fill the hole in my heart that The History Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, etc. all filled in the 90s, and they generally come in small, snackable lengths with enthusiastic, interesting hosts or narrators - much as some of the information podcasts I listen to that have been talked about previously on Ask MeFi.

Some current favorites that fit into what I'm thinking about:

- Crash Course History/Astronomy/etc.
- TED Ed
- Atlas Obscura
- Stan Winston School/Studio ADI/Steve Johnson FX/Legacy Effects
- Chrontendo/Gaming Historian/Generation 16/DidYouKnowGaming

I've recently discovered that PBS has a series of really interesting seeming channels (The Art Assignment, Blank on Blank, BrainCraft, Deep Look, PBS Space Time, PBS Idea Channel, and semi-comedic shows like Dr. Frankenstein, MD - none of which I've delved into too much so would like suggestions to weed out the good ones), and I'm wondering how much more is out there. Is the new Bill Nye or Alton Brown a 22 year old on YouTube? Science, philosophy, engineering, history, pop culture, hobbysits, mathematics, tech, news - any subject or focus is fair game. I just want to learn!
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Best answer: Veritasium, CGP Grey, SciShow, Mental Floss, The Good Stuff and The Art Assignment are excellent.
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I think you'd love Numberphile and Computerphile as well.
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Mark Brown has an excellent short (but growing) serious about video game design.

And to toss it in, I find Food Wishes to be a great cooking / recipe show. The chef is very good at letting you know where you can fudge on the recipe, vs. where you can't fudge on the recipe.
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PBS Idea Channel is really good, the host discusses various Big Ideas in the context of popular culture and draws information from all kinds of sources.

I've been enjoying the videos from XOXO Festival - if you're into Internet culture that may be up your alley.
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