Last Minute Travels in Iberia - help us find the right bit of coast
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(1) We have about 20 days to spend in between Barcelona and Lisbon (2) We can get anywhere but won't have a car once we're license (3) We want coastal, but not built up like Barcelona (or even like Italian/French Riviera) (4) Our budget is somewhat flexible (ballpark of $200/nite), but it's more about the feel of the area

- We'd like someplace that isn't crowded, which is tough during high season
- We'd like a place that isn't over-built, but has enough scene to get a coffee in the morning and a meal out at night
- Since we don't have a car, easy access to the beach is a priority, in terms of activities, cafe lounging and beach is enough, anything else is bonus

Pacific Costa Rica is just about right, but I don't know if it exists on the Iberian Coast.

We're currently looking at:

Ronda, Faro, Lagos, Cadiz, Sagres, Marbella, Porches, Gibraltar, Morocco

Thanks, for taking a look. Let me know if additional info clarifies...
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Best answer: You might consider the curve of coast out west of Lisbon, up towards Cascais and Estoril. its easily connected to Lisbon via train and has spots with beaches and cafes; look at Parede or Carcavelos - the coastal railway line makes these easy. A less built up area can be found further south, as with the Lagoa du Albufeira, and down to Setubal and Sesimbra, but this may be more complicated to get to on public transport.
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Asturies is beautiful and not the tourist magnet Barcelona is due to its low profile. Rugged and green with beautiful small coastal villages. Gijon and Oveido provide city amenities. Be sure and try the Sidra - a delicious, strong and locally made cider. More info here.
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Having lived in the province for almost a year, I can tell you that Cádiz is exactly what you want. The city itself is great but if you can also catch a bus to a lot of beautiful out-of-the-way beaches further down the coast. The only problem is that it is a bit out of the way and thus takes some time to get there.
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