How do I prevent Outlook from resizing inserted images?
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How do I prevent Outlook from resizing inserted images?

We are sending out holiday cards via e-mail, and some external e-mail addresses block linked images. I'd like to insert the image directly into the e-mail (Insert > Picture > From File...), however Outlook keeps resizing it. I double-clicked the picture in the e-mail and changed the size to 75% which makes it seem almost fine, however some small text looks truncated because it's not exactly the right size. Any suggestions to solving this problem?
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There's a check box in Internet Properties under the General tab about halfway down: Enable Automatic Image Resizing. Try unchecking that.
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Best answer: The only place I can find Enable Automatic Image Resizing is in Internet Explorer, under the Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab.

But I did find a workaround -- I inserted the image into Frontpage and sent it as a web page. In Outlook, I made sure in Tools > Options > Mail Format > Internet Format that the HTML options to "...send a copy of the pictures instead of a reference to their location" was clicked.
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