Power animal for this specific branding project.
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I am trying to find an animal that fits the whole medicinal/body care/spa kind of vibe because I want to create a logo. I thought of swans, but I am looking for animals that could appeal to a broader demographic (if that makes any sense).
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The snake is traditional, although it doesn't really appeal to a wide demographic.

For some reason, Koi fish make me think of spas and relaxation, but not really healthcare.
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I think of doves, but I don't know if that's different enough from a swan.
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Otters. So. Cute.
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velvet frog?
Sleepy Toad (happy in mud?)
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Maybe a crane? According to Wikipedia:
Crane mythology is widely spread and can be found in areas such as the Aegean, South Arabia, China, Korea, Japan and in the Native American cultures of North America.
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Panda bear?
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A pretty seahorse.
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I came to say otter, stayed to second otters. They seem to really enjoy themselves (when you look at them), they swim in clean healthy water, they hold hands and wuuuv each other, they're not ubiquitous yet.
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The right deer logo would work for me. The head, straight on. Not the body. Stylized antlers. Green.
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Tortoises look relaxed as shit. Cats too.

Any more info we can work off of since just giving you animals is pretty scattershot? I mean, I like otters but I'm not sure I'd want to go to an otter spa.
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I can picture crane. Everything else leaves me feeling like you are trying to 'cutesy' me into your spa and I am having none if it.
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I'd totally go to a spa with a sloth in their logo.

Swans say "wedding" to me, not health/relaxation.
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2nding seahorse. Distinctive, interesting shape, association with restorative effects of salt water & sea, calming.
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Starfish or salamanders? Both can regenerate tissue!

As far as something graceful and pretty...

Peacocks, flamingoes, white tigers, owls?
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The sloth
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Snow monkey. Cute, exotic, kind of mysterious.
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2nd dolphin, because it's a strong animal that suggests calm (when we watch it swim) and cleanliness (given it lives in water and has no scales, fur, or grotty bits).

Basically though, connecting health care/spas with animals makes me think of how they're often ingredients in products I might want or need. Or of "things I don't want near me when I'm in a robe". 2nd green or blue for colours, to "clean up" the animal vibe. For a luxury-type spa with no medical aspirations, 2nd koi and sloth (somehow, earthiness is ok again if I'm not thinking about health.)
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Otter thirded or forthed. The way they lay on their backs, relaxing in the water snacking on fresh seafood.
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I came to say otter too! They also carry (power) stones to open mollusk shells. Sometimes they keep the same stone their entire lives.
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Something local. For me, a crane (or herons, I still don't understand the difference) is a local bird on Lake Simcoe and speaks to me (I've never seen so many since I moved here!) but sea horses are evocative of Florida. Otters strick me as rodent-like. What are some local animals, especially unique ones?
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