Free WiFi Access via m0n0wall?
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I'm using m0n0wall as my router/firewall. I have two NICs, one for WAN, one for LAN, and attached to the LAN NIC is another wireless router, acting as a switch. I'm trying to setup the Captive Portal now. I need some advice.

I like the idea of having being able to share my wifi to someone who might need it for the time being. Like someone driving by, lost, needing directions. The question I have is, how can I set it up in such a way to allow just web? Or better yet, say if I put a Terms of Services page, with an 'I agree' button, and a username and password for users who can pretty much have full access (email, ftp, ssh, whatever).

Haven't found much documentation, appreciate all I can get!
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You might find this FAQ entry interesting.

As far as forcing a TOS page, I seem to remember that sort of thing being gone over by the folks at - If you want a more step-by-step approach, I seem to remember the book they wrote for O'Reilly (Wireless Hacks) going over it in detail. Good luck!
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