Name my reoccurring music blog feature!
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I run a blog about punk, garage, and DIY music. I'm starting a new feature where we list 3-4 facts about punk which are all untrue except one. First person to email us with an accurate guess as to which fact is made-up wins tickets to an upcoming Chicago show. I'm thinking of calling it something like "Fact or Fiction?" but would love more suggestions.

It would be the title of a running series of articles and a category on our blog. There's a link to my site in my profile if you want an idea of our voice. Other reoccurring features we run are called "Weekly Agenda" and "Show Horoscope."
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Punk or Junk?
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I've heard this as a game called "Two Truths and a Lie" so you could go with a pun on that. Two Truths and DIY?
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There's the game Two Truths and Lie that is built on the same premise, so maybe a take on that?

Three Junk, One Punk (building on greenish's idea)?
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Best answer: Punk or Bunk!
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Please Fool Me.
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Circle the Jerk?
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Oh Facts! Up Yours!
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Nevermind the Bollocks.
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The Modest Rock n' Roll Swindle
posted by hydrophonic at 10:27 AM on July 13, 2015

You Weren't Right.
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Response by poster: There's a local record store that uses "Punk and Junk" as their tagline, so I went with the similar "Punk or Bunk," which has a great ring to it! Thank you, saladin!
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The correct use of nope
Could you be the one?
The power of independent guessing
Lay it down clown
Gut of the quantifier
The biggest lie
Something I learned today
Your mistake
We've got a bigger problem now
Girls who play tricks on you
And then I read a book
Break the ice at parties
Academy fight song
Not all right
I'm not a know it all
Unfinished business
One out of many
The boy with the perpetual nervousness
Trust your mechanic
Stepping out of line
How come you're such a hit with the boys, Jane?
Real story
Version city
Kingston advice
We will retake Saigon
Credit in the straight world
Include me out
I should have known better
20 jazz funk greats
Fairytale in the supermarket
The other newest one
What we do is secret
Lexicon devil
Psykick Dance Hall
The day my baby gave me a surprise
I ain't thick, it's just a trick
Genius or lunatic
I know but I don't know
Options R
It's So Obvious
Tentative decisions
You're full of shit
I love you, you big dummy
A shark in jets clothing
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Aww, no preview!
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