update on the Barier, floating soccer-ball dwelling?
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I'm trying to find out what's up with this structure, designed for maximum resistance to earthquakes and flooding.

It seems like a great idea, that fell off the google-radar after being introduced in 2007. The company website is, unfortunately for me, in Japanese. Seems potentially like a good solution for locating in a no-building flood zone, but would need more details in order to vet it against a local ordinance. Does anyone have experience with or information on it?
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Did you see their English page? They do have a contact email address.
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Response by poster: Oh, thanks, 3red! Missed that. But I'm particularly interested in people's experiences or outsider observations, too.
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You're right, no solid hits post 2007. I'm going to guess this was a concept house that got a little attention at the time but has not been put into production.
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