Quiet call at or near JFK?
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I'm in NYC next week and flying out of JFK right after I finish a conference call. I'm wondering about someplace at or near JFK that I might be able to take the call in relative peace and quiet.

It's one of those funny/frustrating business travel things; I could either take the 7:15 am flight out of JFK in order to get back to California in time for my afternoon call (no thank you) or I can take a 7:30 pm flight that is right after my phone call ends.

In order to make my flight, I need to be much closer to JFK than Manhattan when the phone call starts. I know you see people having conversations in all sorts of locations, in taxis, on buses, in any part of airport, etc.

I can't handle that.

I need to be someplace where I can focus on the conversation (and really I'm giving a mini-presentation to a client) and not have to be embarassed by ambient noises etc. Okay, enough defending my need!

I'm wondering about a location for this call - either a place in JFK (and any terminal would do) that maybe has a quiet zone (and presumably okay cell reception but a payphone would work too - do they still have those???) - or I was thinking about the Ramada that is near JFK - maybe taking a taxi out there.

Is the lobby there - or another nearby hotel - appropriate?
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Most airports have business lounges you can rent to make calls like that.
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O'Hare has rental office "closets" which have decent soundproofing , a phone, and high speed internet. JFK probably has something similar. If not, have you checked to see how much it is to join your favorite airline's 'members club'? Quite often they will offer a trial membership which you can then cancel for a full refund. Their lounges will be considerably quieter than the main terminal.
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Most (if not all) of Continental's Presidents Clubs and AA Admirals Clubs have business areas which would serve your purpose. AA has a one day pass available for $50 or you could try getting some Continental passes off eBay
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The hotel right next to JFK, I guess it's the Ramada, has nice conference rooms (don't know about prices), a bank of payphones, and excellent cell reception.
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