Where is the Radisson Hotel that has the water park inside?
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Hi, A friend of mine told me once that she went to a clean, nice hotel named the Radisson that was just down the street from the Mall of America. She said it had a big water park inside of it.

I have lost touch with this friend, as she moved out of the country 3 years ago. Do you know which Radisson hotel this is? When I look online it looks so confusing and there seem to be more than one Radisson in the area by the Mall. But I'm looking for the Radisson that has the big water park inside the hotel.

If you could give me the address, then I could better pin point it when I search online.


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I googled "Radisson hotel water park" and the hotel that you seek appeared: "we are home to the Water Park of America, Minnesota's largest indoor park." Have fun on your trip.
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Yup, Water Park of America is the water park attached to that Radisson. Don't book the new Radisson Blu that's physically attached to the mall (on the south end), the one with the waterpark is several blocks away on American.
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