Looking for an LA based lawyer and accountant
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Can you provide a referral to a lawyer and/or an accountant with experience advising small businesses (internet based) in the start-up phase? I'm located in Los Angeles in the South Bay area.

I'm starting a service company with a major web-based component. I'd like to talk to an accountant to figure out how to get all my accounting ducks in a row, and I'd like to talk to an attorney to figure out what type of company structure would be best for me, and to develop a waiver, explore the possibility of an eventual trademark application, and whatever other legal requirements I need to address, but don't know that I need to address.

Can anybody provide any referrals? Also, more generally, what types of questions should I ask when selecting either of those types of people?

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Probably the most important question to ask is whether they've handled something similar to your situation (ideally, multiple times, recently). Otherwise, you're paying them to spend time learning, rather than doing.

You might want to reconsider the following assumptions, if you're making them:

* That you need to talk to a lawyer and an accountant, as opposed to getting non-profit or government assistance (for example, SCORE) or the SBA

* That your situation (web-based service business) is different from other small service businesses when it comes to incorporation or accounting.

You might also look at the books, software, and other products for small business that are sold by Nolo Press; could be a good alternative to much, most, or all of the fees that you'd pay to a professional. You might be able to focus your questions (and their time) solely on difficult/unique questions not covered with standard advice.
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