What's a good mixed-skill, active gift?
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GiftFilter: what active/outdoorsy gift can I give my athletic boyfriend to use together with my wannabe-active self?

As part of a gift, I'd like to give my boyfriend something that we could enjoy together that is active and/or outdoorsy. We both live (carless) in NYC so camping and serious rugged stuff is difficult, but he's in a number of sports leagues (soccer, field hockey, baseball, basketball, and cricket) and has a serious mountain climbing background. I'm...less talented, but enthusiastic. Neither of us own a lot of stuff for any sport (aside from his climbing stuff).

I was thinking a physical item (like a set for some sort of lawn sport) but I'd consider an experience-based gift if it's super great. On a budget, so ideally it'd be under $30 but I could stretch to $50-60 if it was perfect. If something is amazing and out of budget, I'd still like to hear about it for future occasions, too!
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If you have access to an ocean, kayaking is easy to learn on your first try. A guided kayaking lesson is fun for varied skill levels.
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How about an intro to bouldering together? Google gave me this. It is experiential and sounds like it is not something he is already doing so, while he may be sporty, you'd be learning together.
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(Sorry: misread your Q as seeking experiential!)
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Kayaking is super fun! I've heard of people where I live finding discounted rentals on groupon and similar sites.
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Racquetball or handball? The former is more equipment oriented, the latter could include a couples massage.
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A slackline? Though I have no idea whether you'll have any chance to use it in NYC.
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My first thought was Kan-Jam but I just noticed it's for four players. You could play bocce with two people.

I googled and found this link of active date activities around NYC, you can filter by location and price.
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Seconding/thirding/nthing kayaking or canoeing. NYC Park & Rec has a kayaking & canoeing activities list. There are a bunch of basics classes throughout the summer.
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Is there a disc golf (frisbee golf) course near you? There's one near where I am right now and I see a lot of couples out playing together. It's outdoors and involves moving but it's not a performance sport by any means, and most people seem to have a pretty good time regardless of how well they're doing.
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Go to the REI on Houston (or just use the web) to get a list of the classes offered (many for free) at the other REIs in the area (Long Island, Paramus, NJ). These are accessible by bus and train. Take a class in finding your way home with only a map, a compass, and a pocket knife. Get him the compass for his birthday!
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