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I've recently re-discovered the joys of my old DJ mix albums. But they are old! I am old! What is new?

Stuff like Carl Cox's F.A.C.T, Radio 1 Essential mix with Tong, Cox, Sasha and Oakenfold and Northern Exposure by Sasha and Digweed are really pushing my buttons, especially the louder/faster end of the scale.

What are some review websites for what's good and current in EDM? When I was a lad it was Mixmag in hardcopy but who's doing the good work now?

Bonus question; if I like the above, what will I like that's current? Do DJ mix albums even exist any more or is it just Deadmau5 et all knocking out tracks and the odd album?
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Soundcloud and Mixcloud have tons of everything in DJ mixes. There are people still playing stuff like what you already like in a retro fashion, and you can find lots of newer stuff related to it if you dig around in a DJ's followers.
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The Essential Mix is still going strong, as are Mixmag and Resident Advisor.

The Boiler Room archives their sets on Soundcloud.
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I don't think people buy many DJ mixes anymore because there is so much free stuff online. That said, DJ Kicks and Fabriclive are at least two CD mix series still going strong. Many online publications that cover electronic music have weekly podcast series. If you want a starting point, you could try Resident Advisor, xlr8r, and Fact Magazine. Find a mix that you like, Google the dj's name for more, and follow down the rabbit hole. Yes, there's tons on Soundcloud too. There's so much stuff out there in so many different subgenres, you'll be sure to find tons of mixes up your alley. (Sorry, don't have time to set up links.)
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And just to round this out, all of your mid-90s favorites have accounts on these services and post to them, and many times the mixes are downloadable. You should have no trouble getting your fix.
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Resident Advisor is good for reviews and following/finding DJs, and FACT Magazine is good for news. They both have a solid podcast, too.
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