Best ways to find a commute rideshare
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I have a reverse commute from midtown Manhattan to Fairfield County, CT on Metro North, 3-4 days/week, at times when it would be faster to drive. There are surely at least several hundred people making this drive at the same times, and I'd like to pay them to take me along. How do I find them?

I have indeed googled this and discovered that there are roughly six thousand rideshare apps/websites and ten new ones every day, but...

1. Very few seem to have a critical mass of users

2. Many are focused on rides within a certain city, not suburb-to-city or vice versa

3. Others are just tools to run/arrange a carpooling arrangement with your existing co-workers, not to help you find someone. (If any of my co-workers were a match I wouldn't be looking.)

Any advice on which apps in particular might be the best fit for this, or other avenues to explore?
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Assuming you're commuting to your job, why don't you start there?

I've worked at multiple places with online rideboards, you'll just need to find someone coming in from the city.
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Best answer: Check out this website,
...there seem to be a number of options available.
Maybe start with the NY state county closest to Fairfield County, CT...
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Craigslist has a rideshare category, not sure of its quality.
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Best answer: Assuming you're commuting to your job, why don't you start there?
The OP says "If any of my co-workers were a match I wouldn't be looking."

Unfortunately I don't have a real answer for you. I've had the same bad luck with rideshare apps -- I think in general if people are driving they want the flexibility that they would have to give up to take on a passenger, and are reluctant to drive even a few minutes out of their way to drop off a passenger.

If none of your coworkers are an option, I would explore nearby workplaces -- that way, you at least minimize that inconvenience for the driver. Perhaps there's a bulletin board or listserv there you could post on.

Perhaps also this site:
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