Where's "Film Critic She-Hulk"? Seeking women's voices in film study
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Where can I find excellent movie discussion, analysis, reviews, dissection, etc by women? I feel like I have a stable of great film-related youtubers, writers, and podcasters that I enjoy, but they are largely male -- I'd love to discover more current work from women in this area. Thank you!
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Wham Bam Pow
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Slashreport and Anglofilles each do some film stuff, though both have a more general pop-culture scope.
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It's kind of niche in scope and subject matter, but Frock Flicks.
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Unfortunately, you're just about one day late for Dissolve, which just shuttered, but you can still go through some of their archived "How's the movie industry treating women this week?" feature, and keep an eye out to see where some of the Dissolve's female writers land. (All of their writers, actually.)

I'm not real familiar with it, but I think this site is sort of related somehow, and it looks promising.

They were doing a great job on covering current events inclusive of women's perspectives, and we can only hope the gap they leave will be filled in before long.

Film Studies for Free is a great, intelligent, feminist resource. Rarely updated, but very meaty when it is, and always worth reading.

I haven't done a gender survey for Filmmaker Magazine, but there are women there and they do discuss representation issues pretty regularly.
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(Joint hosts of pop culture podcast Two Brown Girls) Zeba Blay and Fariha Róisín, excellent film critics in their own right.

The Cinema in Noir podcast [Twitter] by Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, ditto.

So Yun Um and So's Reel Thoughts.

Manohla Dargis for NYT.

Stephanie Zacharek for Village Voice.
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Longtime film critic Anne Billson keeps a blog.
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Cleo: A Journal of Film and Feminism

Self-Styled Siren by Ferran Smith Nehme

You Must Remember This by Karina Longworth [podcast]

Sunset Gun by Kim Morgan

Genevieve Yue

Gina Telaroli

Christy Lemire

Sheila O'Malley

Tina Hassannia

As ernielundquist mentioned, there was a lot of great writing at The Dissolve (RIP) by Tasha Robinson, Genevieve Koski, Rachel Handler, Kate Erbland, and Genevieve Valentine.

There are also some great critics whose writing isn't really centralized anywhere, but who are definitely worth Googling or following on Letterboxd and Twitter, including Amy Taubin, Miriam Bale, Rachael Rakes, Imogen Sara Smith, and Monica Castillo.
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Women and Hollywood is more news-y, but covers women-centric movies and television and occasionally does some more in-depth analysis.
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This isn't a website or podcast, but I recently picked up and have been enjoying House of Psychotic Women
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I dropped in to suggest Cleo, but Btchflcks.com comes to mind as well.
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Pop Culture Happy Hour has female as well as male voices. The Mary Sue can be a lot of fun.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much everybody! Looking forward to soaking it all up.
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