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I'm looking for a good anthology of time travel stories to give to someone.

This person likes time travel episodes of Star Trek and has mainly read Asimov, Clarke and Wells for sci-fi (to my knowledge.) They wouldn't like anything with excessive portrayals of sex and violence in it but don't mind mature themes and situations. They tend to like descriptions of technology and science but it doesn't need to be hard scifi. The anthlogy needs to be a physical book. (This person is sounding pickier than they really are! I just want it to be something they like.)
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The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF is decent, too.
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They can be on the pricey side, but the Doctor Who "Short Trips" books are really fun.
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Seconding The Time Traveler's Almanac. It's a great anthology.
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Poul Anderson's Time Patrol short stories (collected in, e.g., Time Patrol) are pretty good, and might be up your friend's alley. Anderson is very much in that same Golden Age tradition as Asimov and Clarke.

This is not what you asked for, but she might also like Anderson's The Boat of a Million Years: it's neither an anthology nor time travel, but for me it pushes some of the same buttons---it's a novel following a few immortals through millenia of history, depicting episodes from their lives. It's good, solid SF, and has (I think) substantial literary merit, too. (Which reminds me---I really ought to re-read that.)
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Response by poster: Well, I am enjoying The Boat of a Million Years right now, so thanks for that. Tough call here for the collection. I ended up going with The Almanac but I wouldn't be surprised to be giving the Mammoth Book at some point as well. Thanks, everyone.
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