Books and suchlike about contacting old friends?
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Books (scholarly preferred), journal articles, etc etc about contacting old friends, about reunions with old friends.

The more scientific the better. Anthropological, psychological and sociological discussions would be best.

I searched already as a first pass, but I got a lot of books, nearly exclusively manuals for using the interfaces of FB, Linkedin, etc etc, geared towards non-tech-savvy people: I don't need that, I know enough about UI's, hence why I ask this question.

What I would like is (hopefully scientific) discussions of the emotional and psychological aspects of reconnecting with old friends, rigorous discussions of typical difficulties. Discussions of these issues should be agnostic to the development of social networking technology, so I'd welcome citations from 1970 as well as 2015.
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If you aren't at a university, you might do well to visit a university library and see what you can find in likely publications. (I don't know, maybe things like Sociological Review.)

Also, can help you focus your search.
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