Help me remember the name of a 90s cooking show
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Help me remember the name of a cooking show that starred an old man and younger woman that aired on public access TV In the 90s.

The man was in his 70s or 80s and the woman was in her late 30s or 40s. She was more of a sidekick character. Very low budget, but the two of them were cute together.
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They filmed it in a garage and they had a small audience
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Was this definitely a nationwide thing? If not, where were you located?
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I remember this! It made it out to Australia in the early 00's as part of the Foxtel satellite TV package. I think it may be "At Home on the Range" with John Crean and Barbara Venezia.
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I loved this show and haven't thought of it in decades! It filmed in Orange County and I used to watch it in L.A. on PBS. Fun (for me) fact: one night I was reading the credits and discovered an old friend was working on the show. They have a web site.
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