Any one help to identify this mystery book?
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Someone help (Please). I remember reading a book at School in about 1979-1980, although it may have been printed way before that, it was similar to Tin Tin, and may have been about A Adventurer in space. It also contained a section where our adventurer meets aliens (I think) and you were provided with a Translation section!! Any ideas, i know it's vague, but it's kinda driving me nuts. PS I'm from England so it might be a English publication.
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The Little Prince?

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Well, Tintin himself did go to the moon once.
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Blake and Mortimer ?
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Buck Rogers?
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Dan Dare?

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Yoko Tsuno ?

Does it related to Ligne Claire, or even to the Franco-Belgian comic style, or is it entirely something else ?
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Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure it wasnt any of the suggestions. I also seem to remember that there was two seperate adventures in two books. Very similar to Tin tin in the layout of the books, but thats about all i can remember-Not much use am i??
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