Bring On the Spooky History
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It's time to take my love of spooky history to a new level. What are some shows, movies, podcasts, etc that do it well? Preferences within.

I'm a sucker for the kinds of shows they have around Halloween on A&E--bring on learning about black cats, famous "real life" vampires, catacombs, etc. I am in love with the podcast Lore. Rasputina is awesome. Spooky history books are fine, but I'd rather focus on audiovisual media. Not interested in fiction.

My favorites are ones that examine topics historically, culturally, and from a literature/arts perspective. Like something that talks about what we know about Countess Bathory and why the rumors exists and what movies she's inspired would be ideal.

I hate the ones that totally disregard science and are purely paranormal. And I hate it when podcast hosts get off-track for a long time.
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The Astonishing Legends podcast is pretty good.
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Monster Talk from Skeptic Magazine is right what you want to add to your collection.
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I leaped into the thread to plug Lore but see you are already a fan. I had a few beers with Aaron last week and there's a chance that it could go weekly soon, which will be great if he can keep up the quality. (The only other inside gossip I can mention is that he really does love that mattress.)

If you are very choosy with your episodes, Mysterious Universe can get you some of what you want. They'll go into some historic sightings or experiences and will sometimes use a biography of a famous person (Blavatsky) as a framework for an episode. While they do snark at the "woo", they do end up following other what-if tangents.
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This is probably not traditionally creepy enough for what you're looking for, but the excellent podcast You Must Remember This is in the middle of a series about Hollywood and the Manson family. I find it really unsettling.
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The History Goes Bump podcast!

And as far as the best things that Elizabeth Bathory has inpsired...
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Try Real Ghost Stories podcast. People write or call in with there real life ghost stories but sometimes they have demon logistics and ghost hunters on the show. A couple months ago the interviewed the family from the "Conjuring".
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