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I am designing a table centerpiece for an upcoming party, and I would like something very similar to the corked bottles in this Pinterest image. Can you identify the plants that are inside the bottles?

I'm specifically asking about the corked bottles that are placed on top of the book. It looks to me as if the plants were grown inside the bottle, although I'm not 100% sure. A Google image search didn't turn up the original source of the photo. Can anyone identify the plant? Thanks a lot!
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They look like pieces of plants to me. Part of an air plant, potentially a green cymbidium flower and some other blossoms.
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Seconding air plants. You might be able to find tiny bromeliads, too. Anything suitable for a terrarium should last long enough for a centerpiece (and maybe longer, if you set up the growing medium and whatnot)
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The larger jar in back contains a cryptanthus, and the corked bottle right in front of it looks to have a leaf from a cryptanthus. Nthing that the rest look like pieces of plants.
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Wonderful, that gives me somewhere to start. Thanks all!
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