How do I save all my emails from Outlook?
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I'll be leaving a database and would like to take all the emails I have received in my outlook with them to back up as message files. I have read around about various VBScripts that could be used to accomplish this but the explanations have been confusing even for someone like myself who is pretty savvy with scripts and working underneath the hood of some Microsoft Office Applications.

Can someone please outline for me in detail how to execute these scripts so that they capture all the messages I've received and then saves them in some readable file (.txt or in other readily available format). I admittedly am not that comfortable with VBScripting and inputting the values into the VBA screens.

What I am looking for is some assistance on how to save all these messages in my outlook in anyway efficient way possible. Preferably free as well.
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In Outlook, select the File tab, then Options, then Advanced.

From there select Export, which starts the Import/Export wizard.

In the wizard:
1. Export to a file
2. Select file type
3. Select which folders to include
4. Select a destination file name.

If you export to .PST format, you can later import into Outlook on another computer or many other email programs, such as Thunderbird or Gmail, that can import .PST format. PST format will allow you to preserve much more than just plain text. It will also preserve HTML and attachments.
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If you have IMAP access to the account you can also connect via IMAP with Thunderbird and get a copy of everything that way. The benefit to that approach is the emails aren't locked up in the proprietary PST format - they'll be common UNIX style mailboxes that are much, much more portable.
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The export option may be disabled on some corporate installs. One place I worked was so worried about retention that they prevented PST storage, so you couldn't walk off with your mail and contacts when you were let go.
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I'd just dump them into a PST. Outlook isn't going anywhere for at least a decade.
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