Baseball cap for five-year-old
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I want to buy a baseball cap for a five-year-old boy who lives in another country. I have no idea how large a five-year-old's head is.

The kid is tall for his age but probably within the normal height range for a five-year-old. Lids has a sizing chart, but it isn't very helpful, as I don't know if a five-year-old would be more on the "child" or "toddler" spectrum. Google is not helping. Does anyone have a vague idea of which size would work best for a kid of that age, per that chart -- toddler or child?
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Child for sure. Toddler sized hats are tiny.
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Many baseball caps are adjustable in the back with velcro or a buckle or some other thingy, are they not? Just last week, I made an adult-sized hat (mine) fit a five-year-old (also mine) by just adjusting the adjuster adjustment.
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Best answer: The ones with a plastic adjuster in the back are called snapbacks. For preference you'll want to size bigger to be on the safe side - it's not going to be unwearably huge, and he'll grow into it. I'd get him a "child" size rather than toddler or youth.

For reference, that size chart finishes quite early - I, an adult man, have a head circumference of about 60.5 cm, which is a 7 5/8 from New Era. I've got quite a big head, but they make hats well past that size. It kind of looks on the chart you've posted that "child" size is in between adult M and L, but that's definitely not the case. Even my 5 foot nothing girlfriend wears a size 7.
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Response by poster: In case this helps anyone else: I ended up getting him a 47-brand youth size with an adjustable back. It fits him adjusted really tight, but should last a few years. As it turns out, though, he is actually really tall for his age, so that hat may have been too large for a more normal-sized newly-five year-old.
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