Men's shoes for european holiday
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I need men's shoes that are both great for all-day walking and look stylish.

I'm heading for a couple weeks of urban holiday in Europe in August. I'm going to be on my feet nearly the entire time so I need some comfortable, supportive shoes BUT I don't want to look like a stereotypical tourist walking around in blinding white tennis shoes. I need some suggestions on styles. There are tons of stylish shoes out there but my concern is that they won't be comfortable after 8 hours of walking.
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Camp Mocs and Blucher Mocs are both good for about 5 mile walks once they're broken in. And, honestly, breaking in doesn't take that long.

If you're planning on serious walk/hiking Rockport has treated me well in the past for long distances.

I don't know what style you're looking for, but since I'm into the semi-causal brown leather thing recently I would be giving these a look.
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I just painted my timberlands metallic gold and have never gotten more compliments in my life. #Manhattan #FashionForward #LiveLarge #Comfy
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The answer to your question depends on if you are trying to 'blend-in' and how much you mind standing out as American (I assume you are from the US based on your white tennis shoe comment).

If you don't mind standing out as American tourist, then 'camp mocs' could work, although I personally do not find them very comfortable.

If you care about blending in and looking more Euro, then stick to the European brands. Many are extremely comfortable and Mephisto and ECCO are a good place to start.
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Rieker and Josef Siebel from Germany are also very comfortable walking shoes.
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I also came to recommend Ecco.
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