Men's shoes for european holiday
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I need men's shoes that are both great for all-day walking and look stylish.

I'm heading for a couple weeks of urban holiday in Europe in August. I'm going to be on my feet nearly the entire time so I need some comfortable, supportive shoes BUT I don't want to look like a stereotypical tourist walking around in blinding white tennis shoes. I need some suggestions on styles. There are tons of stylish shoes out there but my concern is that they won't be comfortable after 8 hours of walking.
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Camp Mocs and Blucher Mocs are both good for about 5 mile walks once they're broken in. And, honestly, breaking in doesn't take that long.

If you're planning on serious walk/hiking Rockport has treated me well in the past for long distances.

I don't know what style you're looking for, but since I'm into the semi-causal brown leather thing recently I would be giving these a look.
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I just painted my timberlands metallic gold and have never gotten more compliments in my life. #Manhattan #FashionForward #LiveLarge #Comfy
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Rieker and Josef Siebel from Germany are also very comfortable walking shoes.
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I also came to recommend Ecco.
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