App or site that handles both to-dos and habit-building?
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Besides HabitRPG, are there any apps or web apps that are designed for both ad-hoc tasks and habit-building?

I've tried plenty of task apps and realize that most let you create recurring tasks. However, task apps don't encourage the formation of habits like habit-tracking apps do (for example, Habit List). More specifically, habit apps normally display a streak count or percentage, and there are differences in the way habits are handled (no overdue/rollover to next day).

HabitRPG combines both tasks and habits in a natural way, but I don't really relate to the RPG aspect of it. I've searched but don't see any alternatives - am I missing anything? Or have you successfully configured a pure task app to encourage habit formation? I'm on Android and also want a web interface, but you might as well list iOS apps too in case anyone else is searching.
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I know of two good apps for habits, but none that combine them for todos, so I will leave these here in case you like them.! Like the GitHub green squares, but for creative work (and can be usefully repurposed toward any streak).

The iPhone app Way of Life is quite good for general habits.
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Best answer: It's not the answer you're looking for, but since nobody else has had suggestions yet: have you considered using HabitRPG without the RPG aspect? If you use Chrome, you can install the Boss Button extension to hide the gaming bits, and just ignore parts of the site that aren't useful to you. It looks like you'd be left with task columns and tags on your task page.
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Oops, sorry, looks like there was an answer and I hadn't refreshed.
posted by moira at 8:10 PM on July 6, 2015 has a mechanism that basically bills you if you don't keep your goal. Pretty motivating. They can keep track of lots of different types of goals. Charts, graphs, streaks are all a part of Beeminder.
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Response by poster: @tayknight Do you connect Beeminder to a to-do app? I see a lot of connectable apps but I can't see how this would meet my need, maybe I am missing something.
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