How much to give stylist as a Christmas gift? And am I tipping enough?
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I finally found a stylist I love, and I want to get my shit together re: tipping/gifts.

I've been seeing my stylist regularly now for a few years, and I love her! She's great with my hair, gives excellent feedback about my hair wishes, and is always friendly and chatty in a low key way. She's the only stylist I've actually enjoyed chatting with during my cut. Plus, she gives me free trims in between cuts-- something that was standard at the old salon she worked at, but isn't at the new salon, so she treats me like I'm grandfathered in, which is sweet. Consequently, I'd like to make sure I'm tipping enough, and I'd like to get her a little card for the winter holidays. (Yes, I'm thinking about this quite early, because I always forget to figure this shit out when the holidays come around!)

I usually get cut + color and tip about 20%, which turns out to be about $20. So you can see it's not a super high-end salon, but also not CostCutters. It's more what you would think of as an indie/alt salon where they do a lot of edgier styles. My hair is more traditional but I usually pay about $40 for the cut and then $60-120 for color, depending on my hair length and choices. Is 20% a good rate for a tip?

Also, I know people say that if you tip well there's no need to get a gift, but since I genuinely like her and appreciate her services, I'd like to. I was thinking about buying a holiday card and putting 2x my usual tip inside when December rolls around? Is that legit?

Thanks-- I have no one I can really turn to for advice on this kind of thing, so I thought I'd check with the MetaFiltariat.

(Also, just a note-- I know she celebrates Christmas, but I'll probably just get her a generic "holiday" card in case-- but I'm not just assuming she celebrates winter holidays. I've also seen cards from clients at her workstation in the past.)
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I tip 20% per visit (cut/color) and at Christmas tip the cost of one visit and the tip that would have gone with it. Caveat: She's been doing my hair for 20+ years and I consider her a good friend.
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My first though was 2X regular tip. But since you say you've been going regularly for a couple of years I would think slipping a $20 bookstore gift card in there might really be the way to say "you're appreciated".
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I tipped 50% when I came in December.
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I think a 20% tip is perfect for your regular visits. And for the holidays, maybe a $20-35 gift card to a place you think she might like (Ulta if she likes makeup, movie theater if you know she sees movies, Starbucks if she likes coffee) would be nice and a bit personalized. Since it's so early in the year, you can certainly ask probing questions about things like this without arousing suspicion ;) (Hey, did you see the new XX movie in the theaters? How about that new S'more latte at Starbucks?) Otherwise tipping up to 50% more at your December visit would work, imo.
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