Where to watch the women's world cup final in Cardiff?
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I'm in Cardiff, Wales and hoping to watch the women's world cup final (soccer) live tonight at midnight, preferably at a pub or similar environment. Anyone know where it might be shown?
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I don't live in Wales now so can't help but I think it's worth also asking in the Wales subreddit - answers are usually speedy and accurate.
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Standard pub closing is at 11 pm on Sunday. You need a latenight pub. Try the Walkabout near the railway station; my spouse reports they have loads of televisions in the basement so there's a chance anyway. The idea to ask on the Cardiff sub-reddit is probably your best bet.
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I just sent tweets to friends who brew in Raglan and deliver their beer to pubs in Cardiff, and to a pub in Cardiff I know shows sport. The pub, The Goat Major, is most excellent but closed on Sundays. Here is a searchable site that may be of assistance: match pint.

But as DarlingBri says, the match doesn't start until midnight your time, you it may be a challenge.
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My friends at Untapped Brewing suggested The Conway for their beer, but they said no idea about the footie :)
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The Goat Major got back to me but too late to help. They suggested The Old Arcade.

If you are still in Cardiff do stop by The Goat Major. An excellent pub with awesome pies!
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