Price-drop whilst shipping for an item ordered, ask for a discount?
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Is it worth asking for a discount on an item which dropped in price whilst shipping (and after the charge was made to my card)

After this question I went ahead and ordered an awesome PC.
It has arrived but whilst shipping the price dropped by about £200!
(Was shipped the very last day it was at the higher price)

Is it worth asking for a discount, or even some store credit?
If so, how do I go about doing that?

I'm in a good mind to send it back and just re-order another one but would prefer not to for obvious reasons. I believe within 14 days I can do just that anyway? (UK Sale).

Help me overcome my buyer's remorse hivemind.
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1. Ask for the difference to be refunded.
2. If refused, return under DSR (Distance Selling Regulations) and re-order at the lower price.

If you point out you may take the second step, they may relent if they were previously inclined to refuse.
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Best answer: Call the customer service number for the company. I would bet they'll refund the difference. That's a fairly common occurrence.
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Never hurts to ask, worst case you end up with a product you wanted at the price you expected?
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I agree with Nordyne, if you can return it for a refund then tell them exactly that. "Please can I have a refund to bring it down to the current price otherwise I will return it unopened under DSR, then I may or may not reorder."
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Make sure the original postage cost, the return postage cost and the fresh delivery cost make it worthwhile. Depending on the retailer, you may have to pay for all three. Hopefully the three combined is way less than £200.
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I have run into the same issue with other stores on expensive purchases. One was for $5k of furniture. The store was more than happy to give me the sale price and said they actually had a policy of 2 weeks after an order giving the price drop. That info was never posted anywhere, so the store in question for you may have a similar policy. If it were me, I'd ask nicely for the new price drop and point out I have not even received the item yet. If they won't honor it, I'd tell them I will will return it unopened. Then it would be up to me if I'd want to reorder it.

Good luck!
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Some credit cards also have price protection built-in as one of your benefits. "If you buy an item with your card and its price falls during a certain timeframe, they’ll refund the difference. However, exclusions apply (of course)." Details here.
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I work for an eCommerce company and can assure you: you will most likely be offered a discount when you call them. The costs for your return (which you can in the UK for 14 days) are most likely not worth it for the company. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, they did have a policy of refunding price differences within 7 days!
(Overclockers UK for anyone from the future)
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