What is the best Portuguese-English dictionary?
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I am reading novels in Portuguese and my concise Collins just doesn't have enough words in it. What's the gold standard here for study and serious reading?
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I find Google Translate or either of a couple free Portuguese-English dictionary apps remarkably comprehensive and also faster than paging through a physical dictionary.
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Best answer: My brother works in the field and suggests the new Oxford University Press .
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Response by poster: I do have an Android phone -- haven't found any of the free dictionaries I've tried satisfactory. If there is one you like, please name it. Google Translate is worthless for uncommon words/phrases to be honest.
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Best answer: For Brazilian Portuguese, I use Collins and Michaelis online. The online Collins has lots of usage examples. I also have and like a Michaelis dictionary on paper.

I've never used it, but there's an offline Michaelis Portuguese-English Android app

Sometimes I search Google for "que significa" with variations on phrases, which often leads to forums where helpful answers are posted.
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