My Dad loves Nascar Racing, how can he watch it online?
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The Dish Network package he has doesn't carry the station this year that it is on. He does have internet so how can he watch it for free online? There are different things that come up when I search for it but I want one that is safe to use and has no malware or viruses.
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Seems ESPN lost a good chunk of NASCAR contract. You'll have to get NBC or FOX affiliate, and that usually means buy a nice and powerful antenna and catch your local station instead of relying on DISH.

There is no legal way to watch NASCAR online at the moment. Seems broadcast is all tied up on contracts.
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Have you tried the NBC Sports Live Extra stream, to see if it works? NASCAR is on NBC for the rest of the season, I believe.
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I tried the NBC Sports Live Extra Thorzdad, but he has Windows 7 and their Windows app will only work on Windows 8.
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There is an NBC Sports Live channel for Roku which I use to watch Premier League soccer. Roku streamers are both cheap and easy to use.
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If NBC sports live extra would work, he could upgrade to Windows 10 for free (win 7 should qualify him for the free upgrade) which should let him use the app. Upgrade should be available at the end of the month (check for a little Windows logo in your system tray by your clock for upgrade info).
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Does he have access to a tablet? The NBC mobile app is quite good, too. I use it all the time to watch F1.
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Until you find a solution, he can tune into MRN radio and listen to the races, if he can get a station. The radio guys calling the races are more interesting than the tv guys, and tell you more about what's happening with all of the drivers. It looks like MRN radio also let's you listen to the live stream online, too.
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