Aphids? Minions?
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I planted milkweed this year to provide a rest stop for Monarchs, and today I noticed these yellow bugs on several of the plants. They appear to be aphids, and I'm not sure if I need to get rid of them.
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Yep, those are aphids. I'd be leery about chemical controls, though, as they might affect the caterpillars. Ladybirds and their larvae are great biological controls, though.
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I get regular aphid infestations (shepherded by ants) on my apple trees. I find that if I remove most of the infested leaves (and just throw them on the ground) that's enough to (mostly) eliminate the problem.

Another technique is to blast them off with a hose now and again. A lot of people swear by spraying soapy water on them. I prefer not to as I also have beneficial spiders and ladybirds, and I wouldn't want to harm those.
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Buy some cheap rolling tobacco, put a wad in some boiling water, and use the resulting tobacco water as a natural insecticide.
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Fight them with hose blasting routinely, as pipeski noted. Early on can make a difference too.
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Yeah, don't use anything on the milkweed that might harm the monarchs. Stripping off the infested leaves or blasting them with the hose like pipeski recommends seems like the best advice.
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The milkweed might tolerate the aphids.
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Soapy water and a spray bottle. Job done.
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Thanks for the info. I'm loath to use anything that might harm the Monarchs, so spraying them off it is! The plants do seem to tolerate the aphids, so I do it only every couple of days.
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