Where to buy Lactobacillus GG in Canada
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I'm looking for sources for the probiotic Lactobacillus GG in Canada. Can someone help?
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my local health store (with signs advertising naturally healthy drug free solutions.. I hate that..of course the store is full of things one should consider drugs) carries lactobacillus and the like...ontario
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I did a few google searches and it looks like Lactinex (a brand name of Lactobacillus GG should be available at local pharmacies. It is over the counter in the US, but you have to ask for it because it must be kept refrigerated.
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I could probably find it at my local healthfood store. Shout if you want me to give 'em a call.
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I've seen this at health food stores in Montreal. Don't know how close it is to what you want.
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There appears to be only a few companies that market this - Lacinex and Culturelle contain LGG. The pharmacies and health stores that I've contacted were not aware of the products.
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