Where can I find a femme laptop bag?
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I need a crossbody, leather, slim bag which can contain a 13-inch Macbook Air, a cellphone, a woman's wallet, and hopefully a paperback book or something of equivalent size -- and this object needs to be sleek, femme, and suitable to be worn with a fluttery gauze dress or the local equivalent. It'd be nice if it was red, but that's not required. Where is my bag?

I have discovered that there is a mode of shopping I despise beyond all reason, and that mode is Bag Shopping. I have fruitlessly inflicted a Macy's upon myself and come up empty-handed and mildly infuriated at humanity, a situation I'd like to rectify.

I'm in New York City. My budget isn't huge (less than $250 would be ideal). Surely there's a well-made laptop bag which will actually go with my clothing.
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Well, I think this is it for all that the model is male.
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From your description, I think you might like Knomo bags:
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Perhaps something like this or this?
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These might work for you.

(Weirdly, they don’t give the dimensions on the US site, but on the UK site they list the dimensions as 23cm × 32cm × 8cm, 9″ × 12½″ × 3″, which ought to fit a MacBook Air, but maybe check with them first).
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One of these could work. Not all red, but plenty that are femme and nice.
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Some of the bags carried by Levenger might fit your needs. My very femme relatives carry their bags (and/or Longchamp totes) in purple, red, cobalt and black.

Like many places, Levenger seems to be having a holiday sale, too.
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This lovely red MZ Wallace tote bag is on sale; it will fit a 15 " laptop with room to spare.
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Maybe something like the Rebecca Minkoff Mab tote? Might be easier to find red closer to fall, though. (Sorry, just realized you mentioned cross body which this is not...)
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I have been carrying a purple Dooney and Bourke leather tote/purse for years. $150 at Nordstrom's rack. Go have a gander at the leather bags there and see what strikes your fancy.

Cross-body, leather, lady like, and 13" laptop is a tall order. Experiment with bags wherever they have a large supply of leather bags in your price range (Nordstrom Rack or similar). You might be happier with a tote that you can stow under your arm hands free. They are certainly easier to find.
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You can find pretty much anything under the sun in terms of accessories on Etsy. This is just the first one I found that seemed like it met your description. This one is slightly more femme, at least to me.

The Foley and Corinna foldovers (Mid City, Disco City etc) are pretty popular, and you can find a ton on Ebay and similar sites if you don't like what's available retail right now. Here's the first red one I could find.
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They're made from nylon with leather handles, and the Brookline may have a crossbody strap but I personally think that would ruin the nice lines--still, consider the TT or the Brookline laptop bags by Lo & Sons. Structured, well-designed, feminine.
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I agree that Etsy is a great place to look. Here are a few I found: brown leather tote with a long strap, taupe leather tote with a long strap, pink leather cross-body bag, burgundy quilted leather bag, felt bag with leather accents.

Also, Kate Spade's Cobble Hill Noelle is probably big enough to hold a 13" laptop.
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Building on 1970s Antihero's suggestion above, some femme satchels: Zappos, Leather Satchel Company (two femme options: Shabby Chic [12.5 inch only, alas], and their pastel leathers). There's a handy size guide that mentions tech that will fit in each size satchel. Cambridge Satchel has a sale going on. There's a red color option at all three companies. This red batchel looks pretty fab. I'm not sure these meet your 'sleek' requirement, though.

The satchels tend to be unisex but sometimes express more femininity through color; I've definitely seen satchels work well with fluttery, gauzey dresses.

Good luck!
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Rugged Material

This is it. Not red, but beautiful. Will last forever. I wear mine with all the sweet geminine things. And with all the not sweet things.
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