USB not connecting/not syncing
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I have a MacBook Pro. When I connect my iPod Shuffle or my GPS watch, they will charge but will not "show up" as a device in iTunes or my GPS watch program.

I have two fairly new iPod Shuffles. When I plug them into my MacBook Pro's USB there is a yellowish/orangish light that stays on for a bit and then turns off. Neither of them show up as a connected device in iTunes. When I plug in my TomTom GPS watch it is charging but will not sync data. I never had a problem with iTunes or my TomTom program/watch.

I did an update and have latest version of iTunes and TomTom Sports Connect. What could be going on where these devices seem to be charging but not connecting or syncing? I am somewhat clueless when it comes to computers. Any help much appreciated.
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Do any other devices show up normally when connected to that USB port? That's a crucial division between devices and/or software and a hardware issue on the Mac. Try some other USB stuff. Then back up your machine and report back.

Edited to add: try all of your USB ports.
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Response by poster: Thank you sleeping bear. I finally got it to work. Long story but only one USB will work at one time. I cannot use both USB ports at once.
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That sounds like a USB controller fault to me. You can probably work around it with a powered USB hub.
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