Time and Expenses Platform that won't make me want to hide every month?
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I utterly loathe doing monthly timesheets, so the CEO has tasked me to come up with a better platform. Are there better alternatives since this question was asked?

Some specific requirements:
  1. Integrate with either Quickbooks, Xero or Kashoo
  2. Ability to import clients, projects, activity codes and the likes easily
  3. Easy to use
  4. Ability to assign a cost per hour as well as rate per hour to employees
  5. Permit export of time entries to accounting for invoicing, or have an invoicing module
  6. Ability to set up templates for pre-allocating time to accounts.
  7. Ability to split time amongst projects arbitrarily.
  8. Have multiple contract types available (time and material, fixed fee, and time and material with cap)
  9. Reporting functions
  10. Multiple jurisdiction support (e.g. Ability to bill in different currencies)
  11. If possible, integrated expenses module with multiple jurisdiction/currency support.
If there isn't an integrated expenses module, please suggest an app/platform that plays well with the time entry platform.

We've already ruled out: BillQuick Online, TriggerApp, Harvest, Synergy, TidyWork, and anything that requires Google Apps accounts.
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What do you want to avoid with current timesheets that you want a "better" solution to do instead?

For what it's worth, I'm a fan of Replicon Timesheet, which I know fulfills 1, 5, 7, 8, and 9. My opinion is that 2 and 3 are fulfilled. I believe 4 is fulfilled, and I have no idea about 6, 10, or 11.
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Have you looked at Unanet? I'm an end user, not a manager or administrator, but from the things I have to use it for, I think it meets a lot of your criteria.
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Response by poster: Thanks. We have a demo of Replicon, but its login system is blocking us. Unanet looks difficult to get clear answers on features and pricing.

What we're looking for is something not broken. It needs to unequivocally save your work when you hit save (and unlike BillQuick, save it under the right date). It needs to have ways of setting up a standard week for our admin staff, so they don't have to enter the same details and notes every week. It would be utterly lovely if it could reach into mail/calendar and say "That day, you sent e-mails to people attached to Projects A & B, and your diary had a two-hour meeting with the Project C crew".
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