Where to stay near Minneapolis airport (MSP) before very-early flight?
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Next Thursday I have a 515a flight (on American née US Air, so Terminal 1 is my point of departure) out of MSP. Assuming I'll go through security at around 400-415, it seems silly to stay at a hotel the night before. The airport is open 24 hours. What I'm curious about is if I can I go through security around midnight and try to catch a few ZZZs in the terminal? If not, can I sleep safely outside of security, or will local law enforcement tell me to move along?

Is there some other place near the airport (aside from a hotel that I'd have to leave at 3:30) that might give me a place to rest beforehand? Are there other options I'm not thinking of? Thank you!
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Check sleepinginairports reviews.
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There's an "observation deck" above the D concourse. It's actually the old control tower which has been gutted and filled with Muzak, airport carpet, and a few couches. The stairwell is right behind the departures board just inside the main D lobby.

Some of the options from SleepingInAirpports sound nicer, but you should totally check out the observation deck regardless. :)
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Last time I was there a guy had set up a hammock between two railings....
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I took advantage of what may be the same observation deck last Friday. It looks down on the mall area. Most people pulled two seats together and there was one extra long couch, which finally became mine 2 hours into the 8 hour unplanned layover. It was a lifesaver for that amount of time. There are other areas in the airport with couchlike seats, I remember spotting a few by the post office box under a stairwell.
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Thank you, folks! It looks like I have a few options to consider. I'm looking forward to a better-night's rest than I anticipated just a few hours ago.
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I've slept in MSP. I thought I'd found a good sleeping space, then discovered it was one (open) floor above a piano everybody is encouraged to play -- so check for instruments before settling down. :)
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I can now verify the presence of the piano, which is down in baggage claim!
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