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Question posted on behalf of Mr. Killian. My husband is using a MIDI controller (ART X-15 Ultrafoot) to control a multi-effects signal processor (ART SGX2000) for his guitar. But he can't seem to figure out how to make the expression pedal perform an octave sweep. He can get it to turn on/off the effect, but no luck trying to get it to sweep (a la Tom Morello in Killing In The name Of and Like a Stone). Any MIDI masters out there can help?
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Maybe this might help?
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I wonder if you can actually do that with the setup mentioned. The SGX2000 has a pitch shifter, but the Ultrafoot can't sweep through the base key with a MIDI CC. For that you need MIDI note input to dynamically set the base key of the pitch shifter and the Ultrafoot doesn't output notes (only MIDI CC's). If he also has MIDI keyboard he could try to output notes to the SGX and see if he can change the pitch shifter's base key that way. If this is something he really wants to accomplish, it could certainly be done. Buy him a Boss PS-6:

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I can't link because I'm on my phone, but the manuals for both can be easily Googled. They'd be your best bet for working this out, unless someone here owns both units and can walk you through what is likely a cryptic set of proprietary menus.
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Read page 25 of the fx unit manual and Appendix A of the controller manual. The settings listed in the manual are for pitching down, but can be adjusted to whatever range he wants.
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He's managed to get it working, thanks everybody. It's not smooth, though - seems to stutter a bit, apparently?
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Try setting it up to use the other expression pedal, and if the stuttering goes away it's probably a dirty potentiometer.
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Results are in after the board was disassembled and cleaned - it works a lot better and he has a successful octave sweep! Thanks, all!
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