How to spend 12 hours?
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Dear hivemind, sorry for the highly specific question but how can I make the absolute most of an upcoming important 12 hours (midnight until lunchtime) in Istanbul?

Long story short: I am meeting a good friend whom I have not seen for a few years. She is overnighting in Istanbul. I am flying out from London to say hi. The problem - her boat leaves lunchtime the following day and I am not due to make it downtown until midnight Friday. First time in Istanbul. Staying in Beyoglu. I know it is an incredibly long shot but does anyone have any ideas? Was thinking get some sleep then early rise and go somewhere for sunrise and walk about the streets and then long breakfast. Initially thought just do an all nighter walking the streets. Probably not the safest idea either. Would hugely appreciate any locally inspired ideas.
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previous thread is for a different time scale, but may still be of interest to you.
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My pals and I hung out at small bars playing live music easily until 5am on Istiklal and walked around the area without incident in the wee hours. If an all-nighter works for you, we didn't find it unsafe to do so.
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See also the istanbul tag.
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whatever you do, create a photo journal or piece of short fiction called, "Twelve hours in Istanbul."
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For a long breakfast in the Beyoglu area, I would highly recommend Van Kahvalti Evi (Defterdar Yokusu 52A). Get the full Van Turkish breakfast - your table will be loaded with more plates of cheese, jam, honey, olives, fresh vegetables, eggs, and bread than you will think it is possible to eat, all for about $12/person.
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Breakfast: Bol kaymak (honey and cream) is the best thing ever. I mean, the whole Turkish breakfast is amazing but the bol kaymak is what makes me long for Istanbul.
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There are a lot of fun, happening places along Istiklal Caddesi (the main drag in Taksim), including this one which has an amazing view.
Are you interested in touristing? If so, depending on time of day/season, the Cisterns, Hagia Sophia, etc, are central and, depending on season, can be easily seen in that time frame.
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