An online quiz tool that gives test-taker detailed feedback & results?
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I'm looking for an online quizzing tool/website/etc. that is: 1) free 2) gives the test-taker detailed results & feedback on questions missed - possibly a graphical depiction 3) would be easy to use in a 7th grade classroom where all the students have access to a chromebook. Thanks for any and all suggestions! (My overall goal is to have students screencap their results to store in a digital portfolio as a pre-assessment and artifact of their initial knowledge of a topic.)
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Your school administrators may have ideas about online tools that comply with FERPA and offer reasonable assurances of security for your students.

According to the NYT article "Uncovering Security Flaws in Digital Education Products for Schoolchildren,"
“A lot of education sites have glaring security problems,” said Mr. Porterfield, the principal engineer at a software start-up in Los Altos, Calif. “A big part of the problem is that there’s not even any consensus of what ‘good security’ means for an educational website or app.”
According to the NYT article "Privacy Pitfalls as Education Apps Spread Haphazardly,"
in Raytown, Mo., Melissa Tebbenkamp, the school district’s director of instructional technology, vets every app that teachers want to try before allowing it to be used with students. Among other things, she checks to make sure those services do not exploit students’ email addresses to push products on them or share students’ details with third parties.
According to the NYT article "Privacy Concerns for ClassDojo and Other Tracking Apps for Schoolchildren,"
“There is a real question in my mind as to whether teachers have the authority to sign up on behalf of the school,” said Steven J. McDonald, the general counsel of the Rhode Island School of Design and a leading specialist on federal education privacy law. “Since this is a free service,” he added, “one wonders if there is some other trade-off.”
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Check out goformative. You could also do this through Google Docs & a script like Flubaroo, but that would be more intensive in terms of set-up time.

I have students submit information on Google Forms, and then have scripts that emails their feedback and copies of answers to them. Check out Autocrat, Doctopus and Flubaroo if that interests you at all.
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