You're cute, but my door doesn't think so!
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We are having an issue with neighborhood cats peeing on our iron mesh door that's in front of a wooden door. One of our neighbors says he caught them all and spayed/neutered them a long time ago (which we have no reason to disbelieve) and now regularly feeds them. However...

they are consistently peeing on our door, and it's eating away it and causing what looks like rust and other unsightly marks. Is there any way to stop them from doing this? We've looked on Amazon and found a spray that gives off a deterring odor, but the reviews say it will stop them from biting/scratching it but not necessarily peeing on it.
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I would put something down in front of the space you do not want them marking on. Chicken wire is good. Tack it in place. I am sure people will have other ideas on what might work.
Making them walk on stuff that makes noise, gets on their feet, or irritates them in some other way will stop them from spraying in that one spot, at least.
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jamaro has very good suggestions. If your door can handle it, I would try copious amounts of bleach before the enzymatic cleaner. It's a bit cheaper and doesn't take quite as much to be effective. Sweep up any piles of leaves or dirt that have been peed on and get rid of them. Spray, wipe everything down to pick up any dirt or detritus, then spray again and let dry.

And yeah, any doormat that's there is history. Get something rubber to replace it.
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Maybe a motion detector sprinkler, if humans are somehow able to avoid it? Or maybe just deploy it for a short time?
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White vinegar is good at neutralizing the odors. The SSScat devices do work pretty well, too.
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