Cinematography and Game of Thrones
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Are there any blogs or tumblrs that are a collection of the really beautiful shots that Game of Thrones does?

I feel like this is a pure tumblr thing, and although I LOVE TUMBLR, I also find it a baffling mess to (why am I following a bunch of Hannibal bloggers?) so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I was watching some episodes from this season and really struck by how lovely some of the shots are. For example, there are some shots of Winterfell in The Gift that look like paintings: beautifully laid out and composed.

I was wondering if anyone was making collections of these. I'm not looking for commentary on the shots (although that would be a nice bonus), or the screencaps that capture hilarious body language/facial expressions with funny captions. Nor am I looking for, like, screenshots of Robb and Theon with lines from Richard Siken superimposed on top.
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You could just buy the DVDs.
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Response by poster: I could, but I don't particularly have an eye for this kind of thing, and would like someone else to do the curating.
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Best answer: Here is a list of great scenese with video links.

And here a commentary on a great 360-degree shot from season 4.

Do these go in the right direction or are you actually looking for something else?
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