Going to Curacao - all advice welcome!
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I'm going to be in Curacao over Labor Day weekend. Does anyone have suggestions on where to stay and what to do while I'm out there? I want to do as much as possible in a short amount of time.

So despite my last question, I was finally able to book my flight to Curacao. Hooray! We did end up moving the dates, so now i will be there over Labor day weekend (Sept 5-8). It's a short trip but, better than nothing!

Does anyone has suggestions as to where to stay and fun stuff to do while I'm out there? I am NOT the "lay around and relax on a beach" type of vacation goer, so I want to do as much stuff as humanly possible while I'm out there. However, my friends that I'm going with ARE the relax on a beach type so... I may conceivably be doing some of this stuff by myself. So please take that into consideration when suggesting stuff that might not be in the safest areas.

I love music, dancing, museums, history, animals, kayaking, hiking, swimming, festivals, and pretty much anything else you can throw at me.
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The Curacao slave museum is very impressive, and (obviously) extremely sad. I'd consider it a must-see, especially given Curacao's large role in the slave trade.
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It's a small island, you have a good chance of covering most of the sights. Don't miss the chance to go snorkeling, you can see so many fish there! Playa Kalki is a good spot.
You could have a nice traditional lunch at Dokterstuintje. You might also enjoy the butterfly garden at Banda Bou.

I consider CuraƧao a pretty safe place. Have fun!
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