Queer nonmonogamy-friendly therapist in Chicago?
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My partner and I (both bisexual women) are looking for a therapist in Chicago for help with our sexual relationship, in particular with opening it up to new partners and dealing with the negative emotions that come with that.

We want to learn SKILLZ: how to communicate more clearly with each other, how to reassure each other, how to process feelings together and on our own. I'm in individual therapy for depression (also treated with medication, has been under good control) with a wonderful therapist in my former hometown, but we're looking for someone we can see in person together. This person would be female-identified, smart and warm, and have experience working with queer women, kinky people, and people in non-monogamous relationships.

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Try this directory: https://ncsfreedom.org/resources/kink-aware-professionals-directory/kap-directory-homepage.html

Have you read any of the classics on this topic?
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