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We are considering getting a camper van in the UK. We want to keep our son outdoors and active but are limited by needing to get him home each day for nebuliser treatments which require a standard mains plug. It would be great if we could stay out for the entire day or stay overnight for a weekend. Requirements within...

We need a small-ish van which can fit into a garage. It needs to sleep two adults and a child (hopefully extending to a teenager). We need a power socket which I can plug any standard UK device. A gas cooker / electric rings that can be used to warm up / cook food is also important.

We would prefer a van which is not a conversion but something which is designed from the ground up. We are considering the VW California but you need the SE edition for the cooking facilities which seems extremely pricey to buy new. We don't want a big motor home type vehicle. The vehicle part needs to be reliable - no regular breakdowns!

Any suggestions for manufacturers / models?
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Best answer: I was going to say the VW California until I got to your post talking about it being pricey.

Is having integrated cooking facilities a must? If you're open to the VW California Beach as an alternative then you can add a high quality portable camping cook set for less than a few hundred pounds that you can just set up outside the van and will perform better than the integrated facilities.
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How about a Romahome? E.g. The D20-model.
It's perfect for day trips and shorter breaks.
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