Paper for walls and not for desktops
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Help! I am looking for peacock feather motif wallpaper, as in paper for walls and not for desktops.

I am getting married next year and want to use a strip of this peacock feather motif on the invitations. So far google-ing has come up with a lot of destop wallpapers and not so many actual wallpapers.

So does anyone know of places that would do similar motifs as wallpaper, paper, or card?
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You could check out online scrapbooking suppliers - the places with tons of decorative papers. Or even better, print out your own paper - this is an elegant peacock feather print.
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Googling for wallpaper -desktop cuts down on the desktop wallpaper results. here's one peacock feather option that showed up on several wallpaper sites.
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I found a few through ebay and froogle. (1 2 3 4 )
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The Persian/Mogul design motif known in the West as Paisley has been said to have been inspired by peacock feathers (among other things like cypress trees or bodhi tree leaves).
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Try this site, I find the Beauchamp Nouveau Gallica Oyster and the blue version of their Bowmore especially nice (and subtle).
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