Red Dot Moving with Finger Occassionally on iPhone
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Suddenly, when I use my finger on my iPhone (in some circumstances, but not others, and confusingly timed), a red dot shows up. I don't think I did anything to make this happen, but it happens fairly frequently. I've tried to google but can't find an answer on point. Thanks!
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Where is the dot? Is it in the same place every time? Does it move with your fingers? Does it show up in screen-shots? (Press the power and home buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot; it'll be added to your photos)
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Response by poster: It moves with my fingers! For example, in Lightroom right now. But sometimes not, in the same location. I've had the Lightroom app on my iPhone for a year or so, and it just started this yesterday.
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Might be one of the accessibility features? Check the settings in there (under General>Accessibility) to see if anything is turned on.
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Adobe's documentation seems to indicate it does this when the app is in presentation mode.
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Response by poster: Weird. It seems to have gone away. I'm on mac, and no presentation . . . I will report back if I get clarity!
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On a mac? I thought you said this was an iPhone
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